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Just a 7-minute stroll from Shinjuku Station, lies our tranquil hair retreat on the 2nd floor. Experience the luxuries of a private salon, tailored exclusively to you.
Our mission is to understand your unique needs and put your mind at ease through personalized consultations and expert techniques. We specialize in nurturing the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth, and revitalizing tresses affected by age.
Feel free to share your hair care concerns openly - we're here to listen and provide discreet, tailored solutions just for you.
To ensure your complete comfort, we kindly request appointments in advance. Our dedicated staff will happily accommodate your preferred timeframe.
Welcome to a space designed to pamper you from head to toe.

A Sanctuary Crafted for Individual Hair Care
At Ruheplatz, one of Kazumura's pioneering salons, the owner's vision has come to life - creating an intimate sanctuary solely dedicated to you.
"A truly personalized salon that immerses you in complete relaxation" - this guiding thought sparked its inception.
While other salons may prioritize volume, here we proudly offer a tailored one-on-one experience. From the moment you arrive, our focus is on understanding your unique needs through attentive consultation and expert techniques. Particular emphasis is placed on scalp care, promoting hair regrowth, and managing the natural changes your tresses undergo over time.
We welcome you to share your concerns openly, assured of our discreet and unhurried approach. This commitment to providing an unparalleled salon experience is simply unmatched by run-of-the-mill venues. As a team, we have worked extensively in renowned salons in major cities like Tokyo and Osaka, honing skills that deliver truly remarkable results.

This philosophy is manifested through our "semi-suite" concept - an intimate salon providing one-on-one service while subtly separated for enhanced privacy.
We take particular pride in creating an oasis where your comfort is the top priority. As our valued guest, you can expect dedicated personal attention and discretion through subtle partitions that provide a sense of seclusion.
Any lingering concerns will be warmly addressed, as we have consistently delivered exceptional service since our inception over a decade ago in 2008.

Menu & Prices

• Cut (with shampoo & blow dry) ¥7,350
• Color ¥8,250~
• Perm ¥8,250~
• Treatment ¥3,500~
• Straight Perm ¥13,500~
• Bridal Package ¥99,000~
• Gray Blending Color ¥18,500

✓  Enjoy a ¥350 discount on your next cut appointment.
✓ 2024 Prices
Major credit cards, QR code payments accepted.
A 4% (AMEX, JCB, Diners 5%) processing fee applies.
Please feel free to inquire further.
[Comfortable Resting Space Ruheplatz]
Postal Code: 160-0023
Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Nishi-Shinjuku 7-5-5 Plaza Nishi-Shinjuku 203
Phone: 03-6272-3530
Close to JR Shinjuku Station, 6 minutes from West Exit
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Attractive sparkling, luminous hair, a promise of beautiful transformation ✨

新宿の個室型 salon hair:Ruheplatz

新宿駅より徒歩7分。 席数が2席の プライベートヘアサロンです。 何処よりもお客様の悩みを解決する心のこもった カウンセリングと確かな技術が特徴です。 特に、頭皮ケア、髪のうねりやクセ、加齢による 髪質の変化の修繕を得意としています。 些細な悩みや疑問、遠慮なくお伝えくださいませ。 貴方だけのお時間を どうぞゆっくりとお過ごしください。 数々の受賞歴を持つstaffがお待ちしております。


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